10-Ks. Projects. Product development. Compensation reviews. Presentations. Reports. Planning.

And meetings. Oh, the meetings…

For most leaders and managers, meetings and our work take up more than most of our days. There is never enough time, and there are never enough resources.

So how in the world do we find time to recruit talent for our teams?

The answer is simple. There is no more important job than finding, building, and developing talent. No matter what we have going on or how busy we are, we have to make the time to review resumes and clear our schedules for interviews. We should not view this as a chore, but an opportunity. And the reality is that the quality and talent of our next hire will impact our personal career trajectory – good or bad. When viewed in that context, what could be more important?

As a leader, do you want the credit for the cool product, the great report, or the slick presentation? Do you want to be known for doing the best work?

Or do you want to be known for finding, hiring, and developing great people?