About Me

Hi. I’m Brenden. My friends and family call me “Bo.” Don’t ask how I got “Bo” from Brenden. I have no idea.

First things first – I should say that all opinions, commentary, links, etc. that may be discussed or referenced here are mine and mine alone. They do not represent the views of my employer, my old youth soccer team, or my dog. So, with that out of the way….

Thanks for stopping by and checking out a small, isolated, and not-well-cared-for section of my brain. I like to write about all kinds of stuff really, but mostly about topics related to social media recruiting, leadership, strategy, executive search, and talent management. I like to think I’m marginally entertaining and witty – at least that’s what I’m told – and with a dash of sarcasm. Fortunately for us, these topics provide plenty of ready-made content to discuss.

See, here’s the thing – all great business outcomes first begin with Great People Decisions. Without the ability to identify, isolate, attract, secure, and retain the best and brightest talent, organizations cannot reach their potential. Strategy documents, marketing plans, mission statements, and cleverly constructed values posted on the corporate intranet or in your swanky lobby don’t make things happen – people do. And the value of an exceptional person is 10x that of someone just average. Sadly, the vast majority of corporate leaders have little to no training in effective talent acquisition or assessment. Even worse, most think they are pretty good at it – a serious self-awareness gap.

Recruiting and leadership are my passion – I live, eat, and breathe this stuff. There’s lots of ways to connect with me around the site. Hopefully, you pull up a stool, grab a beverage of your choice, and hang a while. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to email me at brendenwright@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting.

Oh, and remember – the best team wins.