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It’s time to kill the term ATS, or the Applicant Tracking System as it’s affectionately known. (Muster your best robot voice and actually say the words “Applicant Tracking System. Scary huh?)

We are beyond tracking applicants, aren’t we? It’s time to engage.

How about an Applicant Engagement System? Or Candidate Engagement Portal? Or at least something better than what we have now. I’m not tracking missiles, I’m working with people.

You hear that Oracle?

While it’s important to know where candidates are in our recruiting process, it’s more important that we use all this cool technology (social and otherwise) to create engagement and a sense of connection. People hire people. People work with people. These systems should make connecting and communicating easier and more seamless – holycaw, even transparent. It should be easy to work within these systems – not an obstacle or requiring a degree in computer engineering. You hear me again, Oracle?

Engagement is “IN.” Tracking is “OUT.”


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